Our project has got the patronages of the following institutions:

  • President of the Chorzów City
  • Chorzowianin, a regional newspaper
  • Telpol, a regional TV station
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Center (Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna) in Chorzów
  • Labour Office in Chorzów


The finale of the “Know Your Rights at Work” regional competition

In the headquarters of the “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” Museum on December 8, 2017, the regional stage of the competition on knowledge about labor law and work safety regulations for the upper secondary school students “Know your rights at work” was settled. The competition’s goal was, among others, dissemination of the safety culture and care for the quality of workplaces and safety in the human work environment.

In 2017, 22 schools joined the school stage. Almost 800 students participated in it. 21 schools and 42 students were entered into the regional stage.

Our school was represented by Alicja Czaja


All partners’ school were conducting the logo contest in November 2017. Each school chose the one logo which will be visible at project documents, dissemination materials and products.

Studying in the USA

On Friday, December 8, lectures on the culture and history of the United States and opportunities for studying in the US were given by Mr. Dylan Hutchinson – a Fulbright scholarship (more on the Fulbright Commission ). The lectures were attended by students from grades 3 and 4 TE. After the lectures, the students used this unique opportunity to talk to our guest about bothering them about studying in the USA and checked their language skills in a face to face conversation.

We thank all present for participating in this event.

Info about our guest:

Dylan Hutchinson

Fulbright scholarship holder at the Częstochowa University of Technology, at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering.

Project title: Development of whole cell biomicrograph for precise risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in agricultural soils of industrial Silesia in Poland

Dylan is a recent graduate of the University of Arizona in Tucson. His interests in natural sciences, earth sciences and the sciences of the environment and exact sciences intersect in the development of live detectors of chemical pollution of the environment to assess the risk to public health of people. He also served as an instructor of general chemistry courses at the University of Arizona, and also designed and taught a pre-medical preparatory course which will soon be added to the university recorder. Dylan is also an avid artist, writer and poet, he has many artistic works led by Saguaro National Park and University of Arizona on many occasions, he is currently working on publishing a collection of poems in peer-reviewed journals and writing a blog to document his travels internationally and internationally.

“How to write your CV” and “Letter of intent”

“How to write your CV” and “Letter of intent” – activities within the Erasmus + “Good Planning – Better Future” project at  “Ion Gh. Rosca” High School.
Whether you work or not, whether you are happy with your professional career or just want a job, you need to have a CV (Curriculum Vitae) ready. This is the business card of your professional activity, it has to highlight your qualities, illustrate your experience and knowledge and represent you 100%.
The letter of intent, also called a letter of motivation, is the document which, along with C.V. can recommend you for a particular job.


On 18th-19th-20th January 2018 two students from ITIS E. Mattei attended a national meeting about digital schools in Bologna. It was a three day time of conferences about new technologies at school.

While the teachers were attending the conference the students from every part of Italy were working on a “Model project”. It is a simulation of the G7 in English. They had previously attended this kind of workshop in Catania (May 2017) and Latina (November 2017). The students act the role of delegates and use their knowledge of international politics to discuss many interesting topics.

The two students were members of two different commissions: one about the problem of clean water and its availability, the other about women rights.

The competition was won by commission number 1 (water commission) and our student won a trip to Dubai next March to attend a World conference about technology.


November 25th 2017 the students of Fermi-Mattei Isernia (ITIS address) attended the electronics fair in the city of  Pescara. The fair takes place every year in a different Italian city, but our students never miss it.

In this fair there are stalls selling electro-thecnical and electronic objects. But what makes it attractive and interesting for them is that during the fair there is also an electronic race where projects about the world of electronics are presented divided into different categories and the best three ones win a prize.

This year our students  have presented some projects and one of these has obtained the third place. The project was about a device that looks for electric wires into walls.

It was a beautiful day because they learned many things and had lot of fun.


On November 31 this year our school was visited by representatives of the “Blumenbecker” company with an invitation to cooperate. The company operates in the field of automation of machines and devices, and especially specializes in the production, assembly and servicing of cabinets, desktops and control sets as well as the creation of innovative robotic solutions from scratch. Employees of “Blumenbecker” based in Katowice Ligota presented an offer of apprenticeships and internships in their factory. The meeting was attended by students of technical school classes with vocational profiles as IT, locksmiths and electricians.


This year on November 13-17, ZST nr 1 in Chorzów celebrated the World Entrepreneurship Week. Our students and teachers were participating in the workshops on this subject which were carried out by Ms. Małgorzata Kiełek from the Youth Career Center in Katowice. During the classes, the students got acquainted with the characteristics of enterprising people and could try out in practice whether they have this set of features themselves. It was a very self-knowing and fruitful day.


The students and teachers of ZST nr1 in Chorzów took part in the very interesting lecture at the Silesian University of Technology connected with the natural-language processing (NLP). NLP is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, and, in particular, concerned with programming computers to fruitfully process large natural language data.

Challenges in natural-language processing frequently involve speech recognition, natural-language understanding, and natural-language generation.

For the students who want to be IT specialists in the future it was a very thought-provoking meeting.


In January 2018, a series of trainings for the first and second grade students took place in the Zespół Szkół Technicznych nr 1 in Chorzów. During the meetings with the police officers, the youth learned the legal bases and the scope of responsibilities that concern them as juveniles. The consequences of having even the smallest amount of drugs in Poland or committing offenses via the Internet were also discussed. During the discussion, such concepts as robbery and theft were explained. Young people were very involved in the discussion with the police. In the near future further meetings are planned, during which attention will be paid to the problem of legal highs, cyberbullying and other threats to young people.

MUSEUM OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN KATOWICE – ACTIVITIES PROMOTING SCIENCE On the 10 October 2017 the students of the ZST nr1 in Chorzów, under the supervision of a math’s teacher, Ewa Szromek, participated in activities promoting science in the Museum of History of Computers and Computer Science in Katowice (there is only one such a museum in Poland).
As part of the classes, we participated in a lecture on the history of computer science and computers ranging from the protoplast of the abacus – abacus, which was created approx. 5,000 years ago, up to modern devices. Then, we visited the museum, which gathers over 550 exhibits from the last 40 years of computers. For the youth, it was a lesson in the history and evolution of equipment that has become a reality in our daily lives.

Students were surprised by the fact that for the first time they saw antique computers with the label “Made in Poland”, they became acquainted with the history of Polish IT, which is presented on 70 exhibits with special consideration of native producers such as “MERA – ELZAB” from Zabrze (currently the Company Akcyjna) and Zakłady ELWRO from Wrocław (unfortunately no longer existing). They could “touch” bits and bytes and find out that the smartphone, or actually its processor, was once a huge wardrobe, for which transport was necessary to work several people and the delivery truck and it could not be put in his pocket.

On 8-bit computers, with the help of educational programs from the British Isles, you can solve mathematical equations, examine the course of function variability, draw mathematical charts, etc. This can all be done on computers and software from 1986.
Youth could also try their hand at old computer games installed on equipment from that time and feel like their parents.

The students were very active and interested in the classes, they are educated in the profession of IT technician, so it is good to learn something about the beginnings of computer science, which in the future can be their source of livelihood.


Last week (November 6-10) was a Mathematics Week at our school, ZST nr1 in Chorzów. Every day competitions and mathematics classes took place, in which students actively participated in developing their mathematical interests. There was also a fair of mathematical sweets baked by students.

As a summary of these activities there was a meeting in the school hall, where the Director handed the diplomas to the winners of the competitions. Then, students of the IVc class Monika Podgórska and Joanna Smajdor presented a presentation of math and mathematics puzzles prepared under the supervision of a math teacher Mrs. Ewa Szromek. At the end everyone listened to the lecture delivered by a scientific employee of the Silesian University of Technology, Ms. Joanna Dutka.

We experienced this week under the sign of the Queen of Sciences, we could see that mathematics is not as scary as it looks, and sometimes it is not only very interesting, but also funny. Maybe it will encourage many students to look for new ways to overcome mathematical problems.




On April 19th our students of 3th ,4th ,and 5th years  participated to a lecture promoted by the University of Turin about the business incubator. The activity was planned within the activities of alternating trainings proposed by our school and linked to the Erasmus theme good planning better future. Le lecture was divided into two parts. The first part was about the main steps to be done to start a new business: from the business idea to the development of the business plan and to the creation of the business. The second part was about the best ways to look for a job: how to create a good CV, how to promote your competences on Linkedin and how to afford a job interview or an application for a job.




In our school on 6.XII.2018, within the Week of the IT Education, the “Coding time with Minecraft” was organized. The students of classes 2b, 3b, 3c, 4b took part in the event. The aim of the initiative was to introduce students the computer science in the form of puzzles with characters from their games and activities, whose solution consists in arranging programs from ready-made blocks, and thus solving algorithmic / programming problems in the Minecraft game. The products were in forms of the  solved algorithmic problems.




Every partner school has started the cooperation with the universities. There are classes, open days, seminars, lectures, etc.



School open doors

Doors open day – Liceul Teoretic Ion Gh. Rosca, 23.05.2018




Complex of Technical Schools No. 1 in Chorzów organized a seminar on “Entrepreneurial behavior of employees in a competitive environment” organized as part of the Entrepreneurship Day, in which students from classes Ic and III b of the Electronic Technical School participated. As part of the seminar, the following were organized:

– workshop on “Team Building” – vice-dean dr Łukasz Makowski- College of Banking in Poznań Off-campus in Chorzów;
– lecture titled: “What should I know and what to look for when I start my professional career?” – Inspector Tomasz Musialik – National Labor Inspectorate in Katowice.
The aim of the periodically organized in April in ZST No. 1 in Chorzów, Entrepreneurship Day is to prepare students to undertake individual and team work in various sectors of the Polish economy.




Every spartners’ school celebrated the day of Europe.


European Day of Languages

Be creative! Speak the world languages! – that is, we are celebrating the European Day of Languages.
From September 26, at the Technical School Complex No. 1 in Chorzów, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. It was interactive, multimedia and fun. Students of first and second grades made wall leaflets and interesting multimedia presentations on developing key competences on a foreign language. Each class took part in language quizzes prepared in the Kahoot program by foreign language teachers. Students showed their linguistic and cultural knowledge. The winners, in addition to their satisfaction, could show that the languages ​​of the world and the culture of other nationalities are not terrible for them, and the use of internet applications is part of the reality surrounding them.
The great challenge and interesting experience was to conduct language workshops that develop key pupils’ skills. Good cooperation in the group, positive climate in the group or the choice of a group leader undoubtedly contributed to the development of the social competences of the workshop participants. Logical thinking, analyzing, observing skills, interpreting all this appeared during the performance of workshop tasks: word spreader creating the subject of workshops in both German and English, advertising of RTV equipment from the eighties and nineties, eg. Unitra tape recorder or journey into the world of films thanks to the mysterious “Reisekoffer” suitcase, which turned participants into characters from Harry Poterra, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur or Winnetou.
All groups performed well and met the requirements of the leaders. Creativity, commitment, the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbal and most importantly, good cooperation and the use of English, German and native English accompanied the entire workshop for 45 minutes. And as you can see, the interesting methods of work have not failed, with a smile on their faces and a new approach to the theme of celebrating the European Day of Languages, we have completed this parade marathon of developing key competences.
Certainly for the next workshops from the cycle “Be creative! Speak languages ​​in the world! “We will have to wait, but we can develop key competences on every lesson regardless of the size of the group or the topic of the class. Because we shape in our students what is most important – social skills, communication skills, mathematics, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, the use of IT and the use of effective learning techniques and strategies.
Magdalena Lyska



Classes involved ITIS E. Mattei: III B IV B V B III A IV A V

“FCA discovery” is a programme conceived and realised by FCA Italy for the project School-job addressed to the Secondary Schools. The programme has the aim of introducing and approaching students to the world of work, both in the case they want to try to open their own activity or to find a job in a public or private company. The project will last 30-50 hours and it is divided in three phases:

  • Business system: it gives students the basis to understand what is a business company like. The activities are an interactive path and a game on the website
    • Business project- Business Model Canvas: students can idealise and build their business model in order to understand how to develop a project starting from an idea.
    • Automotive Business: it shows to the students how is structured an Automotive business and a competitive game about the themes in object.


Meeting with labor institutions

  1. Keeping lessons under the project: “Lekcja z ZUS” in cooperation with the Social Insurance Institution in Chorzów. The project is under the patronage of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy. Within the framework of the project, students of classes I c, II a, III a and III c of the Electronic Technician were given knowledge of the duties of storing wages and resulting obligations of employees and employers;2. Teaching trip of students of the Ic Technician class to the Social Insurance Institution in Chorzów. The purpose of the trip was to familiarize students with the history and principles of functioning in the social insurance institutions operating on the Polish market;3. Educational trip of students from the Ic Technician class to the Poviat Labor Office in Chorzów. The purpose of the trip was to familiarize students with the organizational structure of the city institutions, discussing the benefits of employing graduates of various types of schools as part of professional internships at employers and presenting the demand for employees on the local labor market;



The students of the partner schools have had the group and individual classes with a legal chancellor, who helps them in the business problems and give a valuable advices for the future. The topic of the classes have been:


  1. What is the law and whether we deal with it in everyday life, for example, the purchase of sweatshirts, bus travel, rights resulting from the Family Code);
    2. Is it possible to start work before the age of 18:
    – legal capacity
    -the capacity for legal transactions
    when we buy them, we lose what it means to us
    3. The legal system in Poland, relations between legal acts and their impact on concluding contracts. The source of law indicated in art. 9 of Labor Code (work regulations, collective agreements).
    4. Essential elements of employment contracts and unfavorable procedures employed by employers in the employment process. Possibility to use
    civil law corresponding to the labor law.
    -contract of employment,
    -umowa zlecenia, contract for specific work as “employment fictions”
    – procedures related to self employment
    – threats related to work based on civil law contracts
    – legal aid system
    5. Legal responsibility of apprentices, trainees, employees (eg for entrusted property).
    6. Issues related to copyright and related rights
    -whose is a song, on the example of a graphic design, website

– creating a work in co-authorship
– transferring copyrights to another person
– granting licenses, areas of exploitation, deadline, remuneration
– criminal and compensatory liability for violation of the above rights
– examples of contract, concert – when it will be a work on the analysis of two contracts: commission for the performance of the concert and contract for the performance to perform the concert.

Aleksandra Partyka legal counsel



December the 12th 2017.

In order to promote good practices in our students and make them aware of the many job opportunities our territory offers, our school organized a visit to “Marina Colonna”, an Italian firm specialized in the production of extra virgin oil, since our region is rich in olive plants and in the oil production.

Our students could see the garden, where the olive plants are situated, and the laboratory, where olives are transformed in extra virgin olive oil. The firm produces also other types of products olive-based such as pate, olive cream and so on. The firm also arranged a taste of its products (which was very appreciated by our students of course).

The aim of the visit was to make them aware of the fact that even a little region as ours can offer some job opportunities if you are able to take advantage of what its territory can give you and if you are brave enough to bet on its strong points such as food, culture, tourism, etc.



Two students of our school, under the supervision of Mrs. Ewa Szromek, ZST nr1 in Chorzów, prepared the presentation “Prime numbers and cryptology” at the 15th Chorzowski Mathematical Competition with the MATPROJEKT 2018 Project Method, which took place on 17 April 2018 at the Academic Secondary School No. 2 in Chorzów. The aim of the competition was to develop students’ interests and maths skills, shape independence, entrepreneurship, improve public speaking skills. The prepared presentation is used during classes to prepare students for the next editions of the competition.

Liczby Pierwsze Oraz Kryptologia



The “Orion” Science Club, which includes high school students from the nature sciences, interested the study of the exact sciences that are part of the curriculum or other sciences such as astronomy, astrophysics. Objectives:  preparation for competitions and Olympiads, editing of the “Orion” science magazine, participation in extracurricular activities such contests, exhibitions, etc.



What are key competences? How can you become an “ideal employee”? What am I great in? How to deal with stressful situations? What is advertising? How to find a “good” job? – the question is double and triple, and all this in additional German language classes. IN ZST nr1 in Chorzów our students have the opportunity to develop language skills not only in obligatory classes in German, but also in additional classes. Students learn professional terminology covering issues in computer science, refrigeration and air conditioning or advertising organization useful in future professional work and acquire the skills to use and create texts related to their profession. They work to a large extent on authentic materials, in pairs, groups, cooperating with each other. They become employees of companies or run a business, are directors, managers and perform work on basic technical devices, describing it in German.
And although the basics are not easy, they are doing great. They plan, organize, evaluate their own skills, get involved and strive to set a goal – to acquire language knowledge and communication skills in a foreign language using the industry language.


Researchers’ Night

Researchers’ Night – an event of crashing experiments and fascinating conferences in various scientific fields, 28.09.2018

At the University of Craiova we could visit stands from several fields of science: physics, chemistry, mathematics, horticulture, agriculture, mechanics, geology, electrical engineering, automation, physical education and kinetotherapy, letters, painting, databases. Each experiment was presented by teachers and students specializing in the field so that scientific phenomena be understood by those present at the event, regardless of the level of knowledge.



Socio-professional counseling and promotion activity at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Craiova, supported by Mrs. Dean, associate professor Gabriela Iacobescu for students of grades XI and XII, May 8, 2018.



ZST nr 1 in Chorzów – teaching lessons in the framework of the “Safety Culture” program implemented in cooperation with the National Labor Inspectorate in Katowice in classes I, II, and III b of the Electronic Technique. The aim of the project is to familiarize students with the issues of labor law and OHS regulations as well as the amendment of regulations in this area.


3rd Silesian Science Festival

January 14, 2019 2nd grade students under the supervision of Ewa Szromek, MA, went to the International Congress Center in Katowice to take part in the 3rd Silesian Science Festival.

The main attractions and activities of the Festival awaited us: six areas of knowledge (exact sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences, humanities and social sciences, medicine and health and art), space zone debuting as part of the ŚFN (one of its elements were displays of Mars rovers) , a sports zone, an e-sport zone, or – which was an absolute novelty – a zone of laser science shows prepared by the Lund University from Sweden.

Over one hundred and fifty exhibition stands were organized, dozens of lectures, workshops and meetings with interesting people from the world of science (and not only), taking place in the areas of knowledge in the multifunctional hall, on the main stage, in auditoriums and lecture halls.

The students took part in lectures and workshops, which presented achievements in the field of many fields. It was a great experience for them that science is not only a theory, but the possibility of its practical application. Perhaps it will turn out that those who only watched the show today will “swallow the bug” and in the future they will explore the secrets of science.



Activity of socio-professional counseling and promotion of educational offer for 11th and 12th grade students. It took place on 7 March 2018 in the high school amphitheater and was supported by University Associate Professor Muntean Camelia and Mrs. Tutulescu Felicia, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Horticulture



On 17th January 2018 the second year classes of I.T.I.S E.MATTEI went to Rome to visit the Italian Senate. We went to Rome by train. We arrived in Roma Termini and then we went  on foot to the library of the Senate, and attended  a study on the structure of the Senate and on the stenographers.

To write an account of what happens in the sessions of work they use a machine called Michela’s pianola from the name of its inventor, which was patented at exclusive use of the Senate about 200 years ago. After this meeting we went to Palazzo Madama where a senate clerk welcomed us.

The name of the palace comes from Margherita D ‘Austria who married very young with Alessandro De Medici. Alessandro died 7 months after his marriage so, his wife, inherited the palace. There was a transfer of the palazzo Madama from the Medici family to the church and to the papal posts. The hemicycle where the sessions are held, was part of the papal posts. In this hall there are 315 senators plus those called “for life”, it means they are senators till death.

Each station is nominative and consists of a desk to vote engraved in the wood. After that we went to visit the Vatican. Then we went to Piazza Navona to refresh ourselves, and finally we visited Piazza di Spagna to take the subway and come back to the station to take the train.

Our school organises the visit of the senate every year for two reasons: first of all it is part of the subject “Law” studied at school, and second to make students sensitive to the topic of politics as an important part of our everyday life.



Our students are involved in a competition entlited “Welcome to Automatation” promoted by the Chamber of Commerce Italo-German. The competition is addressed to the Italian students of the Secondary Schools where the subjects of Mechanics, Automatation, electronics and Information Technology are studied.

The main aim of the project is to produce an object able to move itself and able to perform some simple tasks as push and pull objects, and so on. It has to have a mechanical structure made of 100% recycled material, and an electronical part using programmable controller devices. Moreover it has to have an utility in society for example for the environment safeguard, the safety on the place of work and so on.

The competition is composed by two phases: in the first one 10 projects will be chosen according to the idea at the base of the project. These projects will achieve the second phase, where three of them will win.

Our project has won the first phase and the next phase will be in Naples 19/21 March 2018. Three students will show the project: Ucci Manuel, Mazzarella Emilio, Bertone Gabriele IV B IT IS.




A student of ITIS “Mattei” of Isernia has been mentioned standard bearer of the Italian Republic by the Head of State Sergio Mattarella. His name is William Turcinovic, 18 years old, student of 5th year at our school. In the motivation for the award there is written: He is an example of active participation on many social themes. He has been involved in the improvement of the school spaces. He has realized a web site where all the students can point out the structural problems of the school buildings and in doing so the Regional institutions can  have an updated vision of the problems of the school buildings.

He said: I was able to do it thanks to the high quality of my school”.

He is among the 29 young people who received an award by the President this year.


Amber- Glass – visiting the company and how it breaks glass?

Students of the 1st class from Chorzów went to the Amber – Glass company in Chorzów on April 2. As part of the 11th Chorzów Science Festival, students of the first class could see how it works, one of the largest wholesalers of building glass and mirrors in Poland. Thanks to Mr. Adam Rudzik’s courtesy, we were shown around modern glass processing halls and see how the production process, cutting and glass processing in the scope of grinding, drilling, CNC chamfering, laminating and hardening look like. An interesting thing was not the end, electronic controlled machines, through the application and machine operators, huge glass elements, delivered to furniture manufacturers and companies involved in interior design and equipment or automatic line for glass cutting in Jumbo dimension – for the layman trip worth recommending and gained knowledge in the field “How does glass break?” During the production of glass elements for shower cubicles or non-standard interior designs.


Astronomy day

Students have built models with the Solar System, Satellites and Planet Earth and made an introduction to the history of astronomy.


Career Advice

  1. Diagnosing pupils’ need for educational and vocational information as well as help in planning education and career:
  2. a) conducting individual classes with students about

– recognition of predispositions and interests – a questionnaire of professional interests and aptitudes,

– multiple intelligence system – performance and analysis of test results regarding potential, abilities and talents,

– natural resistance to stress and lateralization system,

– career planning – what plans after finishing school, determining the further career path,

– getting to know the student – analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

  1. b) conducting group workshops – on the subject of:

– interpersonal communication,

– getting to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, interests and abilities,

– acquaintance with the profession chosen by you, what are the requirements, qualifications and abilities and educational path.

2. Collection of materials regarding potential employers, universities and schools enabling career development.

  1. Conducting workshops about:

–  Tests in vocational counseling-  Organization of Career Day

– Labour Market links in Secondary Schools

– Occupations Today and Needed Qualifications

–  The rules of correct non-verbal and verbal communication,-  Self-presentation – that is, creating your own image.


Career Days


Construction-Infrastructure-Mining Competition

On 17/01/2019, students from class 4a ZST nr1 in Chorzów, Aleksandra Brzezińska and Dawid Ćwikła, as laureates of the inter-school Competition Construction-Infrastructure-Mining organized under the patronage of the Civil Engineering Department of the Cracow University of Technology, took part in the 5th International Conference on Construction and Infrastructure-Construction on ” The impact of mining on the environment, people and infrastructure – methods to reduce the negative effects “in addition, they familiarized themselves with the educational background of the faculty and took part in a youth session organized by students from the Scientific Circle” Kwarc “.


Erasmus Day


Workshop and Debate on “Evolution and Science”


Evolution through Science

Workshop and Debate on ” Evolution through Science “.


“Good occupation – a step in the right direction” conference

On November 20, 2018, the 5th edition of the city conference was held at Zespół Szkół Technicznych nr1 in Chorzów: Good occupation – a step in the right direction. The aim of the conference was to popularize not only the offer of vocational education in Chorzów, but above all to raise the awareness of students how important is the choice of the further path of education.
Speakers of this year’s edition were: Mrs. Monika Kruszyńska from ZSB in Chorzów, Joanna Wolnik from ZST No. 1 in Chorzów and Mr. Adam Rudzik from ZSB in Chorzów.
The lecture topics were:
1) Career planning or how to choose a job?
2) The structure of vocational education and the expectations of employers.
3) Contemporary labor market and cooperation with employers.
The guests of this year’s conference included: Director of the Education Department – Mrs. Beata Kabza, city councilor of Chorzów – Ms. Aleksandra Zimnik, director of the Poviat Labor Office – Mr. Jerzy Kędziora, directors of vocational and comprehensive schools in Chorzów, as well as vocational counselors, educators and teachers interested in vocational education.


Job security lectures


Meetings with Science and Technology

April 3, 2019 students from Chorzów took park in the Meetings with Science and Technology held as part of XI Chorzowski Science Festival.

Academic staff and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology presented an interactive game and autonomous robots that communicate with the environment,

as well as various renewable energy sources and technologies for generating energy

in an unconventional way, thus supporting nature; they showed an interactive stand to visualize the impact of light on human skin.

We also saw a cobot, a robot adapted to work with a human being, which is widely used in production plants in Poland and in the world.

Perhaps it will expand students’ interests and understand that knowledge, including mathematics, can have many applications in practice.


Safety Culture

On May 13 this year in Chorzów as part of the project entitled “SAFETY CULTURE” lecture for students of the school on: “Current regulations of labor law and health and safety rules applicable to employees and employers in organizations” Mr. Tomasz Musialik – inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate in Katowice.


Science Club

Fun experiments in physics. Workshop Science Club.


Science for All

Physics and Chemistry Contest “Science for All”. Coordinators: Prof. Marin Mihaela and Prof. Cristescu Ana Maria.


The Orion Science Workshop.

Debate on “Curiosities in the World of Science” and launching number 2 of the Orion Magazine.


TIK – a terrain game

On May 15 this year in Chorzów, a workshop entitled “Meet social, socio-economic enterprises, ICT field game”, conducted by Mr. Tomasz Popławski representing the “TRZECI.ORG” Foundation, based in Gliwice, was conducted.

The didactic classes took place within the framework of the social economy project co-implemented by the school with the Social Policy Center of the Śląskie Voivodeship in Katowice.


What do you know about the European Union

The competition was held at partners’ schools


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