Our project has got the patronages of the following institutions:

  • President of the Chorzów City
  • Goniec Górnośląski, a regional newspaper
  • Telpol, a regional TV station
  • Psychological and Pedagogical Center (Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna) in Chorzów
  • Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment (Regionalne Centrum Krwiodawstwa i Krwiolecznictwa) in Katowice
  • National District Sanitaty Inspector in Chorzów (Państwowy Powiatowy Inspektor Sanitarny)
  • Sports Club Ruch Chorzów



All partners’ school were conducting the logo contest in November 2017. Each school chose the one logo which will be visible at project documents, dissemination materials and products.


Mateusz Rajczyk, a student of the ZST nr1 in Chorzów, Poland took up the challenge and recorded an educational spot for the contest “HIV / AIDS – I know, I’m not afraid, I tolerate”, organized by the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice. The main role in the film was played by Maciek Kabza from the class IIIc.
The aim of the competition is to raise the level of youth knowledge on the prevention of HIV infection and AIDS, and to shape the attitude of responsibility for our health and life and attitudes of tolerance towards people infected with HIV and AIDS.
We keep our fingers crossed for Mateusz.

The “Competition – Physical ability test “
The “Competition – Physical ability test “ activity, developed within the Erasmus + “SHS: Sporty, Healthy, Safe” project at “Ion Gh Rosca” High School, coordinated by our sports teacher Viorel Enus.
The physical ability test is required at the military school admission exam and Police Officer Schools and is designed to test both the strength and resilience, as well as the agility and motivational qualities of the candidates.
“BLSD – Basic Life Support Defribillator ” 

26th January 2018 the students and teachers from school I.I.S Cesare Baronio in Sora participated in the course “BLSD – Basic Life Support Defribillator ” within the “SHS: sporty, healthy, safe” project.

“Training Project about Job Health and Safety for Students”

The students of  I.I.S  Cesare Baronio have to attend a course of 4 hours about Job Health and Safety before leaving for the stage connected with the work – related learning programme

First aid course at Ion Gh. Rosca

First aid course at Ion Gh. Rosca” High School – given by a first-aid crew from SMURD in Romanian partner school. The activity is part of the Erasmus+ project “SHS: sporty, healthy, safe”. SMURD is an emergency rescue service based in Romania. The name is the Romanian acronym for “Serviciul Mobil de Urgențǎ, Reanimare și Descarcerare”, which means Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication.


 “Tasteful and healthy – home-made sweets” at Ion Gh. Rosca” High School in Osica de Sus

– Encourage our students to have a diet based on home-prepared food,
discouraging ready-packed food. Together with sports activities, it will
lead to the formation of a healthy lifestyle.
– Charitable purpose because it was meant to unite the community in helping
a family in difficulty.

Urban game “In the footsteps of Europe”

On November 9th, a group of thirty students from Zespół Szkół Technicznych nr1 in Chorzów, Poland took part in the town game “In the footsteps of Europe” organized by the Polish-German Cooperation House and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Wrocław. The participants were divided into three 10-person bands, which from that moment became the explorers of pre-war Chorzów. The students received an archival map of the city with places, objects and monuments of European cultural heritage. With the help of this map, the students visited the city and discovered the forgotten or unknown traces and elements of European culture. Each team had to perform eight tasks, which led our explorers, among others to: the evangelical church, the Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden’s monument, the sculpture “The Swan Boy” by Theodor Erdmann Kalide, the former Kaiserstraße (now Liberty Street) or the former Jewish cemetery. After completing all the tasks, the students returned to the school where they had dinner, followed by the announcement of the results of the city game. A team composed of 3b students under the supervision of Mrs. Agnieszka Flaczek won the game. The prize for the winners is a visit to their chosen escape room. We thank all of the participants for their involvement and the congratulations to the winners!


 Before the winter break all form teachers were talking with their students about safety during hollidays. They also watched films how to react and behave in the problematic situations, in a safety way.


Our school, the ZST nr1 in Chorzów, with the help of the Regional Blood Donation and Treatment Center in Katowice, twice a year joins in a charity campaign under the slogan “BLOOD + MARROW”. It aims is to obtain blood from healthy people in favor of people requiring blood transfusion and recruitment of potential bone marrow donors.
Through this organized activity, we want to broaden the awareness of the local society, mainly young people, in the area of knowledge related to the subject of blood donation, as well as show how bringing disinterested help is important and also satisfying.
So far, we have organized 12 such campaigns, in which 258 people have been donated and over 136 liters of blood have been collected.

Athletics Olympic Games

During the opening of the athletics stadium in Ruda Śl. The XXIX Athletics Olympic Games were held, attended by about 700 primary and secondary school students. The special guests of this event were the decathlete Sebastian Chmara and Paweł Januszewski – European Champion 400 meters hurdles from 1998 and Justyna Święty bronze medalist of this year’s World Athletics Championships.

In such a large group there was a wheelchair race, where student from ZST no1 in Chorzów, Sylwester Osadnik, took first place. Bravo Sylwester, we wish you further successes.



The celebration of European languages day has been celebrated in Europe for 16 years. They fall annually on September 26. Pupils and foreign language teachers from all partner countries decided to join the celebration of the European Day of Languages this year. The main purpose of the celebrations is the development of intercultural competence and interpersonal communication. As part of the event, students prepared an exhibition on partner and English-speaking countries, a stand with sweets from European countries, solved language quizzes, watched films and presentations.


On 25-26.10.2017 in Complex of Technical School No. 1 in Chorzów, preventive classes for 1st grade students took place. The subject of the classes was: Aggressor, victim, witness- the triad in the act of violence. Students together with the lady from the Psychological-Pedagogical Counsel jointly discovered what the types of violence and its causes are. During group classes everyone also focused on how the victim, witness and aggressor can feel.


On January 25th 2018 students from ZST no 1 in Chorzów under the supervision of Mrs Ewa Szromek, participated in the “Dej pozor co nie ujedziesz” event organized in the Silesian Park in Chorzów by Chorzowska Coalition for Safety. The aim of the action was to raise the awareness of children and adolescents in the field of threats related to winter recreation.

As part of this event we saw a demonstration of the activities of the Specialist Water Rescue Group of the State Fire Service from Bytom, with the support of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Chorzów and Chorzów police promoted safe forms of spending free time.

The students learned how to avoid hazards and what actions to take when we see the person under which the ice collapsed.

It is to be hoped that the information and tips obtained there will be remembered and will help to increase the level of security.


As a part of the project “HIV / AIDS – I know, I’m not afraid, I tolerate” there was organized a contest for an educational spot referring to the project’s slogan, ie prevention of HIV infection. ZST no1 in Chorzów took part in the competition.

On January 10, 2018, the results of the competition were announced by the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice.

We are very pleased to announce that among the winners of the competition there was a student of our school, Mateusz Rajczyk. The actor appearing in the spot Maciej Kabza was also appreciated. The supervisor of the contest was Ms. Agnieszka Kasperczyk.

The winners of the competition received the award: a sports equipment voucher worth PLN 200 and a voucher for sports equipment worth PLN 500 for the school.

The aim of the Competition was to raise the level of youth knowledge on the prevention of HIV infection and AIDS, and to shape the attitude of responsibility for one’s health and life and attitudes of tolerance towards people infected with HIV and AIDS.


At the stadium of AKS Wyzwolenie in Chorzów, there was a competition of the School Athletics League, in which a representation of girls and boys from our school took part.

Teams competed in seven competitions: in the 100 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m, long jump, shot put and relay 4×400 meters.

The students from our school did very well in sport competition and stood on the podium three Times. The 400 m and 1500 m races have been very successful. Artur Zdebel won the first one, leading from the start to the finish line and with time he set a new personal record for 57 seconds.

In the longest run at 1,500 meters after a fierce battle and a great finish, Dawid Kryś turned out to be the best. The run took him 4 minutes 39 seconds.

Artur and Dawid turned out to be the best at their distances and thanks to their victory, they stood on the highest step of the podium, winning the title of Chorzow’s Master.

Patryk Gola also had a very successful performance in a shot put. His result of 10 meters 68 centimeters gave him the second place in the competition. The competition was also attended by: Mateusz Kura, Dominik Isztok, Tomasz Niespor, Mateusz Ryszka, Wojciech Dorosz, Aleksandra Brzezińska, Milena Borowiecka Agnieszka Kiszel and Wanesa Kowolik.


On the pitch of the Catholic High School in Chorzów a group tournament of the Chorzów Football Championships was played. Our players in a beautiful style won two matches and won first place in their group. Noteworthy is the fact that they did not lose a single goal, and the ball hit the opponents’ goal twenty times. The victories gave our team a promotion to the final of the games.

Our team was composed of: Jakub Malinowski, Łukasz Janik, Adrian Sowiński, Mariusz Kaczmarczyk, Patryk Gola, Mateusz Kura, Tomasz Niespor, Michał John, Szymon Walunkiewicz, Dawid Kryś, Adrian Wójcik, and Patryk Twardoch.


On 15.01.2018, as a part of the “Safe Internet Day” at the Polish partner school, the Technical School Complex no. 1, a workshop was held. “Stay safe in a network full of e-criminals”. The lectures were conducted by mgr Witold Brandys from the University of Information Technology in Katowice.


Today ,  7th of February, the  Municipal Administration of Sora and the Police-headquarters of Frosinone, joined by  a common aim,    have celebrated “ A Day against bullying and cyberbullying at school”. The meeting has  taken place in the Auditorium of Cesare Baronio Institute. A great number of students  has attended the meeting.” The National Plan to prevent Bullyng and Cyberbulling at school” was established in 2016/2017 by our Ministry of Education.

In the same day the European Commission celebrates  “Safer Internet Day”


On February 6th, a group of 10 students from IIS Baronio di Sora, took part in the cross-country race for the final results obtaining the fifth position.


Blood Donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society.

Nowadays a public awareness is noticed to donate blood. Many  schools, , offices, etc. organize blood donation camps on different occasions. It is a healthy gesture. Safe blood saves lives and improves health. Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life, or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions.

On the 16th February the “FRATRES” Association organised a blood donation  in the school in Sora and many of our students took part  in the activity.

A great orchestra of Christmas help

During the 27th WOŚP Finale – staff in ZST No. 1 collected PLN 54 724,26.
The auction, which took place on the Allegro profile, we collected an additional PLN 4077.
In total, thanks to the joint engagement on the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, it was influenced by the staff in ZST No. 1 – PLN 58 801,26
The WOŚP volunteers on the day of the finals could have a meal which they funded:
– Pizzeria Pod Drewnianego Bocianem Chorzów,
– Malinowa Chorzów Restaurant,
– Pizzeria at the Batman in Chorzów,
– Weight of Chorzów Victory,
Thank you to all volunteers, our donors and people working in the staff; for enormous support, trust and for the fact that during the next Finale organized by our Staff – you were with us !!!


Today, young people are battered by advertising and media with messages about what body type they need to have, how they should dress, what they should show off to be “good enough.” It’s a complicated world of mixed messages, even from their peers.
Eating disorders are serious mental and physical disorders that revolve around body weight, body image, and an obsession with food. Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating. Some outsiders overlook these disorders, but if left untreated, these disorders can be deadly.
On 22nd of February 2018, “La Sirena ONLUS Association” supported by the ASL of Frosinone, met some students of our school to prevent Eating Disorders .
The meeting lasted three hours , a nutritionist and a psychiatrist discussed of the problem with our students.

International Volunteer Day

On 5/12/2018, the International Volunteer Day held a meeting with the president of the ‘Friends of Saint Nicholas’ Foundation, Mrs. Aleksandra Poloczek.

The ‘Friends of Saint Nicholas’ Foundation was created by the inhabitants of Rudy Śl. to help people who are disadvantaged and who need material and spiritual support.

Students of ZST No. 1 in Chorzów during the meeting learned how the foundation works and what actions it takes to help those in need.

The purpose of this celebration is to recognize the work of volunteers around the world for their efforts, time and dedication to the needy.

I would like to thank all the volunteers of ZST No. 1 in Chorzów for their involvement in actions that help others.


First aid course

Within the project every school realizes the very important aim, the 1st Aid Course. 80% of students and teachers took part in 5h course conducted by very specialized experts.


Cross-country race

On the 6th February 2019 the students of IIS Baronio partecipated in a cross-country race in Pontecorvo (FR) winning   the first prize.


Social Campaign “Donated fruit and vegetables week”

Social Campaign “Donated fruit and vegetables week” at the “Ion Gh. Roşca” Theoretical High School, held from 20 to 27 November 2017. The action involved the gathering of vegetables and fruit by volunteer SNAC students (National Strategy for Community Action)  and their donation to the families in difficulty from Osica de Sus.



Every partner school celebrated the Day of Europe.


European Day of Languages

Be creative! Speak the world languages! – that is, we are celebrating the European Day of Languages.
From September 26, we celebrated the European Day of Languages. It was interactive, multimedia and fun. Students of first and second grades made wall leaflets and interesting multimedia presentations on developing key competences on a foreign language. Each class took part in language quizzes prepared in the Kahoot program by foreign language teachers. Students showed their linguistic and cultural knowledge. The winners, in addition to their satisfaction, could show that the languages ​​of the world and the culture of other nationalities are not terrible for them, and the use of internet applications is part of the reality surrounding them.
The great challenge and interesting experience was to conduct language workshops that develop key pupils’ skills. Good cooperation in the group, positive climate in the group or the choice of a group leader undoubtedly contributed to the development of the social competences of the workshop participants. Logical thinking, analyzing, observing skills, interpreting all this appeared during the performance of workshop tasks: word spreader creating the subject of workshops in both German and English, advertising of RTV equipment from the eighties and nineties, eg. Unitra tape recorder or journey into the world of films thanks to the mysterious “Reisekoffer” suitcase, which turned participants into characters from Harry Poterra, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur or Winnetou.
All groups performed well and met the requirements of the leaders. Creativity, commitment, the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbal and most importantly, good cooperation and the use of English, German and native English accompanied the entire workshop for 45 minutes. And as you can see, the interesting methods of work have not failed, with a smile on their faces and a new approach to the theme of celebrating the European Day of Languages, we have completed this parade marathon of developing key competences.
Certainly for the next workshops from the cycle “Be creative! Speak languages ​​in the world! “We will have to wait, but we can develop key competences on every lesson regardless of the size of the group or the topic of the class. Because we shape in our students what is most important – social skills, communication skills, mathematics, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, the use of IT and the use of effective learning techniques and strategies.



Football 5 – The students of the IIS BARONIO di Sora are the winners against the team  “ The Pasteur” of  Rome.


Sport competitions

In every school there were many sport competitions. They were conducted locally and internationally during mobilities between student, as well as teachers. The contests were in different disciplines:




table tennis








  • Implementation of the ARS prophylactic program – how to care for love
  • Carrying out a lesson on cyberbullying
  • Taking a lesson about smoking
  • Conducting a lesson on cyberbullying
  • To conduct a lesson on the problem of depression
  • A lesson on taking drugs by young people
  • A lesson in taking drugs by young people
  • Organization of training for students run by the Center for Assistance to People Addicted to Alcohol “Do not get addicted to”
  • Organization of training for parents, run by the Police Headquarters in Katowice, “Hazardous substances – Additives
  • Organization of training for parents, run by the Municipal Police Headquarters “Safely at school and on holidays
  • Organization of training for students “Tastes of life, or the debate about afterburners
  • Organization of training for students, run by the Center for Assistance to People Addicted to Alcohol “Behavioral addiction and not only”
  • Organization of training for parents “Psychological and pedagogical help – how to use it”
  • Depression, Aggressor, victim, witness- triad in act of violence,
  • Sexting, Internet threats,
  • Safety during holidays,
  • What makes a good life?,
  • Health promoting school – key competences,
  • Stress copying based on good relationships,
  • Good and bad aspects of sport,
  • Sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Eating disorders prevention,
  • Am I addicted to a computer?


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