„Just Fall in Love with Art” – międzynarodowa współpraca szkół


Numer projektu: 2012-1-PL1-COM06-28310 1

Program: Partnerski Projekt Szkół Programu Comenius

Okres realizacji: 2012.08.01 – 2014.07.31

Kwota dofinansowania: 20 000,00 euro

Kraje partnerskie: Polska, Bułgaria, Portugalia, Włochy

Ilość beneficjentów: 96

The project entitled „Just fall in Love with Art” was a multilateral project that has actively involved students and teachers from schools in Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal and Italy. The project was carried out for two years. Its aims were to develop the knowledge and arouse interest of the pupils and teachers from the partner schools connected with painted artworks. We had a great chance to get to know the figures of national and world famous painters, became familiar with painting techniques and genres. Moreover, we had opportunity to improve our manual skills, and popularize the subject of painting among other teenagers and adults.

What is more, we did not want to content ourselves only with painting but also we could see the value of the ground, the culture had grown from. We were acquainted with the context of art through the similarities and differences between the customs, culture, cuisine, etc. of our country and partners’ countries. Through the direct meetings we became familiar with European cultural heritage and could see famous and impressive places and monuments.

Next, we had a chance to use information and communication technologies that is, in fact, indispensable in the 21st century. All the project activities were supported by the Project Website and electronic equipment, thus the participants were able to develop and improve their digital skills.

In addition, the project gave the participants the opportunity to the practical usage and improvement of English that was the language of communication in the project. It also helped them in overcome the fear for speaking in English that is common among learners. Additionally, because we are conscious of the fact that other modern languages are pushed out to the background, we tried to encourage pupils to learn foreign languages, not only these taught at school.

Thanks to direct and indirect meetings with our partners we could make friends and build new relations that are going to last for a long time. Finally, we made students and teachers more tolerant to different cultures and show them that we live in a united Europe and there we can live, learn and work.



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